Federal workers protest against government shutdown across the country

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Because the partial government shutdown stretches into its third week &#8212 which makes it the 2nd longest shutdown in U.S. history &#8212 federal workers in Philadelphia required towards the roads Tuesday to protest the White-colored House and congressional inaction which has left them without work and purchase 18 days.

About 150 workers from various government departments, such as the Transportation Security Administration and also the Department of Housing and concrete Development, became a member of the rally organized through the American Federation of presidency Employees (AFGE), using the support from the National Treasury Employees Union (NTEU). Organizers known as to have an finish towards the shutdown that started late recently over President Jesse Trump&rsquos interest in $5 billion in funding to construct a wall across the U.S.-Mexico border.

Nearly 800,000 federal workers across the nation happen to be impacted by the shutdown.

At the government worker rally protesting the #Shutdown, about 150 people here on Independence Mall https://t.co/OGUuSZWS7v pic.twitter.com/fjdrHbqVUl

&mdash Juliana Reyes (@juliana_f_reyes) January 8, 2019

&ldquoIt is unconscionable that lots of workers are getting to operate &ndash and perhaps overtime &ndash without any pay whatsoever,&rdquo NTEU National President Tony Reardon stated inside a press release Monday. Reardon&rsquos organization filed a suit from the Trump administration Monday, alleging the shutdown violates the Fair Labor Standards Act by requiring federal employees to operate without pay.

&#8220Many people used our charge cards to cover Christmas so we&#8217re being hit with high rates of interest with that. So, it&#8217s really overwhelming,&#8221 Jan Nation, a protester who works best for the Environmental protection agency, told NBC Philadelphia Tuesday. &#8220We don&#8217t desire a wall, you want to do our jobs.&#8221

Philadelphia rally organizers also plan to go to Washington, D.C. on Thursday for any second protest outdoors the AFL-CIO headquarters. Hundreds of workers from multiple unions are anticipated to go to Thursday&#8217s protest, which is&nbspfollowed with a march towards the White-colored House.

Federal workers in St. Louis and Boston also have organized or intend to hold rallies towards the federal government shutdown, despite Trump&rsquos comments to reporters a week ago that federal workers &ldquoagree 100 % using what I&rsquom doing.&rdquo

In St. Louis, which hosts a U.S. Department of Agriculture office which uses 1,200 federal workers, a little contingent of USDA employees spent a lot of last Friday and Monday rallying outdoors their offices.

&#8220We&#8217re just fed up with being held hostage,&#8221 Don Pusczek, a USDA accountant, told the St. Louis Post-Dispatch Friday. &#8220The longer it lasts, the greater the debts stack up and don&#8217t get compensated.&#8221

Federal workers in Boston also intend to hold an AFGE-organized rally Friday outdoors the offices from the Ecological Protection Agency within the city&rsquos Publish Office Square.

&ldquoFederal employees want to return to work. They feel within their mission and wish to provide quality services towards the United states citizens,&rdquo AFGE President J. David Cox Sr. stated inside a statement Monday. &ldquoThese are really the people, with real lives and real responsibilities. It&#8217s time for you to finish this shutdown, open the federal government, and obtain federal employees back at work &mdash with pay.&rdquo

This story continues to be updated to incorporate more information about Thursday&#8217s protest in Washington, D.C.

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